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How to join Sitroom ?

Nothing could be easier! Anyone can join Sitroom for free with an anonymous user status allowing either to create a sitroom from the dashboard or to join another user's sitroom via the URL link.  

What is a sitroom and how to create it ?

A sitroom is a collaborative group around a map. It allows to interact with the participants directly via a chat or by collaboratively enriching the map with geo-referenced information. 

To create a sitroom, all you need is a title, a location and a choice of zoom. It is also possible to choose the default status of the participants who will click on the link of your sitroom: observer, user or administrator.


1) Click on 'Create a location'

Dashboard created.png

2/ Fill in the fields by adapting the scale and choosing the user status. Click on 'create a location'

Création de "situ"

I can create sitrooms and invite participants indefinitely ?

There are several levels of Sitroom users. The anonymous user who does not need to be registered on the application. He can access one sitroom in creation and three sitrooms max in participation. If he wants to go beyond that, he has to register for free on the application. To benefit from extended access, you must register for a premium account. Finally, organisations wishing to register their teams can benefit from additional functionalities.


The rights of each type of user are described in our pricing page

How to invite participants to a sitroom ?

Inviter des participants
Ancre 1

The invitation is made by simply sharing an URL link on any type of platform (messaging, email etc.). The prerequisite is that this situation must be made public by the user so that participants can join (open lock in the title of the situation).

Gérer les accès d'une "situ"

How can I control the information I share on a sitroom ?

As an administrator, it is possible to privatise the situation (premium account). The link is no longer accessible to third parties. It is also possible to regulate the access of participants by designating a default role (observer, user or administrator). An observer cannot intervene in the chat or modify the data sheets entered on the map.

Finally, each action carried out on the site is listed in the chat & notifications banner.

Can I use Sitroom on my phone ?

Sitroom is currently available on a webapp compatible with most mobile browsers. For optimal use, Chrome, Firefox or Safari are preferred. 

Due to Apple's restrictions, notifications via the webapp will only be available on Android devices for the time being.

What happens to the data entered in Sitroom ?

The data entered in Sitroom is anonymised and is only accessible by the users of the sitrooms in question. It is potentially only used by Sitroom for the purpose of improving the solution. 

The servers are hosted in Europe by providers who are subject to GPDR.

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