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Access an unlimited number of public sitroom, create and participate in your first sitroom


This offer includes:

​ ✔ Unlimited participation in public sitrooms

​ ✔​ 3 public sitrooms in creation

✔ 50 files per sitroom

✔ Satellite view

✔ Basic filters

✔ Import Export of  data - admin status (coming soon)

✔ Location sharing on mobile (coming soon)

✔ Attached files limited to 10MB

✔ Share by URL link



For regular users who want more advanced features


10 € / month 

12 €/month monthly commitment

This offer includes:

10 private and 20 public sitrooms in creation

✔ 1000 files per sitroom

✔ Up to 3 connected trackers

✔ Advanced filters (coming soon)

✔ Cartographic tools (coming soon)

✔ Import Export data - user&admin status (coming soon)

✔ Attached files limited to 100MB

✔ Share by private link (coming soon)

✔ Mail support


Create your Sitroom organization and deploy all the power of the tool!

35 € / month 

40 €/month monthly commitment

This offer includes:

✔ 25 private sitrooms in creation, unlimited public sitrooms

✔ 2500 files per sitroom

✔ Up to 10 connected trackers

✔ Data viz tool (coming soon)

✔ Chronogram view (coming soon)

✔ Advanced cartographic tools (coming soon)

✔ Management of the members of the organization (coming soon)

✔ Customization of the platform (coming soon)

✔ Own domain name (coming soon)

✔ Priority mail support


For organizations with advanced needs who want to control their data

This offer proposes:

​ ✔ Configuration of connected objects on demand (type + number)

​ ✔​ Installation on own servers

✔ Disappearance of sitrooms or object limitations

✔ Implementation of cartographic backgrounds or own data flows

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