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Co-founder @SITROOM CEO

After 15 years in the French army, from group leader to company commander in special and specialized units as well as as head of a strategic watch center, Fx decided to launch SITROOM.

Drawing on his experience of managing decentralized teams, a fervent supporter of the philosophy "  Team of Teams®  », He decides to rely on the digital revolution underway to offer a powerful collaborative tool to organizations facing the problems encountered in his career: coordination with dispersed teams, sharing of information in decision-making centers ...

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Co-founder @SITROOM

A Legion officer, Arthur left the Armies after twelve years of service, wishing to embark on a new challenge.  After a first experience in a start-up in the health sector, he had the opportunity to go to Vietnam to manage the local BU of a French agri-food group. After three years, he returned to France in the defense industry, to marketing positions and then to sales manager. Stung by the taste for entrepreneurship and commercial conquest, he joined the Sitroom project after meeting Fx, convinced by the entrepreneurial approach taken.

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A service adapted to your organization based on the Sitroom philosophy

15  €

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Your activity leads you to deploy teams in the field or to manage related information? Do you want to optimize the coordination of your teams using an original method? This one day program is suitable for you.

We carry out an audit of your organization together and share our advice based on  our experience of leading decentralized teams.

Create your coordination center and benefit from a 30% reduction on your first year of subscription to the Sitroom solution!


Benefit from a solid experience to evaluate and set up processes in order to increase the safety of your employees. Sitroom and its partners are there to advise you whatever your sector of activity.

Develop an OSINT culture to increase the situational awareness of your teams, learn to plan the security aspect of your activities, set up the milestones allowing you to face crises and learn from them.

Benefit from a preferential rate for the adoption of the Sitroom solution, your digital coordination center.

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